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This talk will start with the growth of the cannabis movement in Canada, explaining INDIVA's roots (30 mins) and end with the current state of the industry and what it means for producers (10 - 15 mins). 

NIEL MAROTTA, President, CEO, Director, Founder, INDIVA 
Niel was a top performing fund manager at a prominent US firm, where he managed a portfolio of over $1 Billion across several industries. He also served as Vice President for a TSX listed natural resource focused company. Subsequently, Niel worked as an investment banker, and has been involved in financings and M&A transactions exceeding $1 Billion. Niel is a graduate of McGill University’s commerce program.

KOBY SMUTYLO, COO, Director, Founder, INDIVA 
Koby is a seasoned lawyer with experience on Bay St., before establishing a boutique business law firm in Ottawa. Koby has acted as counsel to private and public companies. Most recently, Koby acted as lead counsel for an ACMPR cannabis producer which received full approval from Health Canada. Koby is a graduate of Western Law School.

Pete has been involved in the legal medical cannabis market in Canada since the inception of the MMAR over 15 years ago. Pete is an award winning grower and the founder of the London Compassion Society, which has helped hundreds of patients through the MMAR over the last 15+ years.

How to navigate the cannabis retail landscape.

A one hour discussion with Canada’s  leading cannabis compliance consulting firm CCI.

Michael Elkin, Vice-President, Partner Channels for Cannabis Compliance Inc. (CCI) has had a successful career in security systems design and consulting in the MMPR/ACMPR market. He is now acting vice president of one of Canada’s most reputable consulting firms Cannabis Compliance Inc. He oversees the security aspects of all CCI cannabis projects. Since the cannabis regulations were published in 2013, he has worked with over 50 applicant producers and licensed producers, providing full security designs and technical proposals. He has helped design massive systems such as Tweed,7 Acres, Delshen Therapeutics, THC Inc. to name a few. As well as providing security designs for dispensaries across North America. Prior to joining CCI full time, Michael ran the medical marijuana divisions for two of the largest security firms in Canada. Michael is based out of Montreal, Quebec and is bilingual in French and English.

Shannon Kloet, Director of Training Services for Cannabis Compliance Inc. (CCI) has over twenty years experience in public post-secondary education. In 2015, Shannon had a major role in the development and implementation of Canada's first university courses on the management of medical cannabis production under the MMPR. Through CCI she has been developing online and instructor-based, rigorous courses in cannabis education creating micro-credential training to the emerging global cannabis workforce. Shannon holds an MEd from Simon Fraser University.

Eric Van Dam, Sales Consultant for Cannabis Compliance Inc. (CCI) has over 14 years of progressive sales, business development, distributor management and national account experience in the Consumer Packaged Goods/Alcohol industry. Prior to joining CCI as a Sales Consultant, he successfully managed growth strategies and business units for General Mills, Red Bull Canada and most recently, with Heineken Canada in the regulated alcohol industry. He is responsible for defining the scope of work for new cannabis projects and ensuring our clients have a fitted solution from our greater team. Eric holds a B.Comm. (Hons.) from the University of Manitoba.

Deepak Anand  Vice President of Government Relations for Cannabis Compliance Inc. steps into the position with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the cannabis industry. He is a public speaker and engaged with Canadian and International media on all subjects related to the Cannabis industry. He is a recognized thought leader in the Canadian cannabis space and brings 15 years of leadership experience in the health, charitable/non-profit, and private sectors in Canada.
Within the global cannabis sector, Mr. Anand has worked with senior government officials, politicians, policy makers, health professional organizations, clinical practitioners, educators, investors, patients as well as producers. He has also served on the boards of various pharmaceutical associations across Canada, the United States and Europe.
Prior to joining Cannabis Compliance Inc., Mr. Anand acted as the Executive Director for the Canadian National Medical Marijuana Association (CNMMA). The CNMMA was the first and only industry association that factored in all facets of the nascent Cannabis industry in Canada.
Mr. Anand was also an Adjunct Professor at Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU). At KPU, Mr. Anand wrote, and taught Canada’s first and only Cannabis course titled ‘Cannabis Professional Series’ taught via an online module.
Most recently, Mr. Anand was the Vice President for Zenabis (International Herbs Medical Marijuana Ltd)., a Health Canada licensed producer under the ACMPR with facilities in British Columbia and New Brunswick, Canada
Mr. Anand holds a Master's in Business Administration (MBA) and Management from Vancouver Island University.

Jenn Larry is President of CBD Strategy Group, a communications, brand, and design thinking firm created to help cannabis brands thrive inside the box of regulation. Jenn also works as an advisor for companies entering the cannabis space. Over the past 18 years, Jenn has worked with national and international companies across emerging and regulated sectors including: Music, Online Gambling, Pharmaceutical, Tobacco, Payments, Technology, and Consumer Packaged Goods. Her experience has allowed her to successfully create and execute strategies for her clients in markets and categories that ban traditional marketing and branding. Ms. Larry is well known for her ability to forecast trends, and leverage business intelligence to lead change across organizations.

Cody Lindsay is a Canadian Veteran, Chef and Cannabis Advocate.  

Cody created with his wife Kaleena to help Canadian Veterans in the areas of medical cannabis, healthy eating, fitness, and meditation.   Using those techniques to help manage his own Operational Stress Injury from military tours outside the country, he wanted a way to help spread that information to others.  The Wellness Soldier website helps Canadian Veterans with healthy living information, cannabis cooking classes, videos & recipes, "Cooking with Cannabis" cookbook, and live cooking demonstrations at Canada's largest cannabis expo's.  Cody also volunteers with Spartan Wellness, a Veterans organization created to help other Veterans.  As well as the Veterans Representative on the Canadian Medical Cannabis Council's patient advisory committee.  

Featured in top cannabis media outlets such as Lift (online, magazine and expo), Leafly, Cannabis Life Network, and CBC for his advocacy work, helping Veterans, and cannabis cooking.  Working with Canada's top licensed producers Cody and Kaleena have created countless cannabis recipes, including blog posts, recipe cards, and cooking videos to help patients with cannabis cooking.  Cody is the expert voice when it comes to cannabis cooking in Canada. 

On the menu for Cannabis & Hemp Expo Calgary:

Taco's with Pico de Gallo & Guacamole

With the cannabis movement moving forward in Canada and the industry continuing to break sales records and tax revenues each year, more and more celebrities and companies are looking at the industry and wanting to get in.

This is forcing retailers to reevaluate their marketing approach. How do you make sure you can compete with these larger names and companies coming into the market? How do you ensure you can remain sustainable? How do you remain seen? It all boils down to branding your cannabis retail experience. 

Anne Forkutza, Director, Customer Experience for Cova Software. Anne started her career in user experience and digital strategy at the age of 18. Over the years she has utilized her skills to help deliver award-winning campaigns for big brands such as Electronic Arts, Nike, the Canadian Tourism Commission, Loblaws, and Starbucks. She also has years of experience combining business strategy with innovative product design while in various leadership positions at iQmetrix, a leading retail solutions company. 

Anne is the Director of Customer Experience at Cova, where she leads the creative vision and branding, builds strategic partnerships, and continuously strives to elevate the cannabis retail experience while moving this industry forward in a positive direction.

She holds a Degree in Computer Sciences from Simon Fraser University and is also a regular mentor at Vancouver Film School’s Digital Design program.

How to approach your doctor about medical cannabis at work.

Dr. Sana-Ara Ahmed

Research in the field, Winter 2018: The results from almost 2,000 interviews with Canadians in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba from urban, suburban and rural environments.

Preston J. Drummond is the Founder and Managing Director of Modern Leaf (The Modern Leaf Group Inc.) Preston has strong expertise in the cannabis industry in both Canada and the US, with a focus on cannabis partnerships, education and wellbeing. He invests his time and money in the people and companies that he’s passionate about because they improve people’s lifestyle and wellbeing. He has extensive experience in building companies in the home energy technology, promotion and hospitality sectors, and scaling them effectively. With an executive sales background and experience leading significant sales forces to success, Preston has guided his companies to achievement against their revenue goals resulting in valuations up to $505 million.

How to leverage traditional media, relationships and social media to drive brand awareness, engagement and conversions.

Katie Pringle is the Co-Founder of Cannabis Communications, Marigold PR, and Canndora. Strategic with a deep understanding of the social and digital landscape and traditional media mix, Katie is forward looking, delivers beyond expectation and is focused on driving results.

Brooke Wilkinson is Account Manager for Marigold PR and Cannabis Communications. With experience managing revenue generating digital profiles for national brands, Brooke is a triple threat writer/editor, content marketer and engaging community manager.


Cannabis use is becoming more common and normalized. However, a stigma around its use still exists. In this session we will discuss the implications of this stigma on the cannabis industry, with a focus on retail.

Paul Dhillon is the founder of Cultivated Solutions, an e-learning and talent development company that fills educational gaps in the emerging cannabis industry. He is an experienced Customer Relations Specialist with expertise developing strategy, implementing sales initiatives, and building high-performing teams. Paul believes sustaining high levels of sales comes from lasting customer relationships that inspire customer loyalty. He has dedicated himself to battling public misconceptions of cannabis and introducing new users to responsible use practices.

Paul founded Cultivated Solutions to help introduce the public to the cannabis industry and provide educational resources to individuals looking to enter the industry. Cultivated Solutions offers customizable e-learning solutions for potential retailers, processors, and growers. They will also conduct seminars across the country to educate the public on the benefits and harms of cannabis, its uses, effects, history, misconceptions, and other relevant information.

Chef John to prepare some elevated eats of his favorite classic savory and sweet recipes.

Chef John Michael MacNeil. A master of molecular technique who has staged at numerous Michelin-starred restaurants, the former Executive Chef of Teatro Group was named one of Avenue Magzine’s Best Chefs of 2013 and 2014 and worked with Alberta Adrià for Cook it Raw Alberta. John now brings his cooking experiences and techniques into the Cannabis Industry where he blends, passion, flavor and science into edible cannabis cuisine.


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